F R O M   A   V I S I O N   T O   T H E   P R O D U C T 

“The designs are chosen to flatter the leather.” – Caroline Hirt of REALTRUE. True to it’s motto: Form follows material. The main focus of the leather accessories and bags’ form and stitching is always on how to optimally emphasize the exclusive material. Graphic, straightforward, and functional. The love of leather and a respectful handling of the skin leads to a sophisticated and clear uniform style, paying special attention to a timeless aesthetic and durability.

Silver and black are the reoccurring base colors within the collection and stand for a classic elegance. In addition, you can find pieces in special colors: A warm and shimmering orange, a brilliant red or a lush green are just examples of the current collection reflecting the renowned Brazilian vivacity and joie de vivre. All of them are designed by REALTRUE which will be implemented specifically in the tannery. With names like “Belo Horizonte”, “Ipanema” and “Copacabana”, the origins of the products are apparent, whisking us away to cities, exotic destinations or heavenly beaches in Brazil. 



This material is new and unparalleled. Each skin is incomparable, making each bag exclusive. High quality workmanship with love for detail give the material the treatment that it deserves. The further processing of the tanned and dyed skins takes place in Italy. The limited small-scale series from REALTRUE is fabricated in high-end quality by a small family owned company, who also sow the show collections for one of the most high-grade and well-known bag producer in the world. Luxury to the last stitch.


Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.
Vivienne Westwood